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The list of lasers shows the models we usually have in stock.

If you can't see the model/system you require below, please contact us as we can usually can fulfil whatever the clinics needs are.

Active-Deep Fx with both Active Fx and Deep Fx scanners 
Alma Harmony XL with 540 570 650 and Pixel 
Alma Harmony with 540 570 650 and Pixel
Candela V Beam Perfecta 
Candela GentleYag 
Candela V Beam 
Candela Mini GentleLase 
Cynosure Elites with Zimmer chillers 
Cynosure Smart Lipo MPX 
Cynsosure Smart Lipo 18 watt 
Cynosure Smoothshapes 
Cutera Vantage 
Cutera Excel 
Cutera Xeo's (any configuration)
Hoya ConBio C6 
Hoya RevLite
Lightsheer XC 400ms 
Lightsheer EC 400ms 
Lightsheer EP 100ms 
Lightsheer ET 400ms 
Lightsheer Duet 
Lumenis LumeOne with Lightsheer/IPL/Yag 
Lumenis LumeOne with IPL/Yag 
LumeOne IPL
Palomar Estelux with Rs Y G handpieces 
Palomar Q Yag 5 
Palomar Medilux with Rs Y G handpieces 
Palomar Starlux 300 with Rs Y G handpieces 
Palomar Starlux 1540 handpiece 
Palomar Starlux 500 with Rs Y G handpieces 
Palomar Starlux 500 1540 handpiece 
Palomar SlimLipo 
Palomar 1540 handpiece for Starlux 300 or 500 
Palomar 1064 handpiece for Starlux 300
Quantum SR 
Quantum SR-DL 
Quantum HR/SR/DL
Sciton Profile with dual Yag dual Erbium Profractional XC BBL with all filters 
Sciton Profile with dual Erbium dual Yag BBL with all filters 
Sharplan 40C CO2 with SilkTouch 
Syneron E Max (any configuration)
VelaSmooth with both large and small heads 
VelaShape with both small and large heads 
VelaShape II with both small and large heads